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Improve Business Capabilities With Trade Finance

Trade finance is an all-encompassing solution to filling in any gaps between shipping products and getting paid. It’s commonplace within the trade of goods domestically and internationally for both import and export purposes. For international trading, we also offer bespoke export finance solutions too.

The team here at Orchard Business Finance work with the majority of lenders in the UK market and can provide you with impartial advice to ensure the correct trade finance solution is adopted by your business.

Key Features Of Our Trade Finance Packages Include:
Excellent Terms And Competitive Fees

Orchard Business Finance has been supporting businesses to secure trade finance, at the best rates possible, for several years. Thanks to our well-developed network of lenders we’re able to compare all corners of the market to deliver you the best deal possible. Speak to a member of the team today and they’ll happily talk you through the options available.

A Variety Of Security Options

Flexibility is one of the key attractions of establishing a trade finance agreement. A wide selection of different types of security can be used for a lender to agree to draw down a facility. Some of the most well used securities include purchase orders, invoices, future payments and even the goods themselves. Unsure whether trade finance is suitable for your business or if your firm would be considered for a trade finance facility? Get in touch and we’ll offer a free, no strings attached, review.

Lender Involvement Benefits

With most trade finance agreements, the lenders are closely involved in the process. This is because whatever is being traded is ultimately financed through the lender’s funds. Due to their control over the financial elements of a trade finance agreement, they’ll help keep a close eye on the overall trade cycle. With this added involvement, a lot of businesses benefit from enhanced security and fewer bad debts.

What Can Trade Finance Be Used For?

With access to the best trade finance arrangements with banks, independent finance providers and specialised trade financiers, Orchard Business Finance has helped broker deals to aid firms for a variety of uses.

Key Uses For Trade Finance Include:
Grow Your Business Faster

With more workstreams as a result of better working capital, trade finance can be a fantastic solution to growing a business more quickly. By having the cash to work with upfront, you can take on and fulfil bigger orders. Trade finance can also help you buy raw materials in bulk, meaning you’ll have better economies of scale, which can lead to higher profit margins.

Improve Your Cashflow

You must keep a very watchful eye on your cashflow when you have multiple, costly, stages in your process. This includes things like buying raw materials, manufacturing goods, shipping etc. Add in to the mix potentially long payment terms, to maintain a competitive edge within your chosen market, and cashflow problems can creep up on firms very quickly. Trade finance is an excellent way of solving these headaches to keep your business on the front foot.

Whether you’re venturing into the world of trade finance for the first time, or already have a facility in place and want to explore other options, the Orchard Business Finance team will search out the right trade finance solutions for your exact requirements. Operating nationally across the UK, you can contact us today for an exploratory conversation on Orchard finance .

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