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Bespoke Business Loans When You Need Them

Here at Orchard Business Finance we understand the importance funding can have on the aspirations of any firm. As a business owner you often need to act quickly when additional funding is required. That’s why, along with the lenders we work with, Orchard Business Finance makes every effort to ensure the borrowing process is as straight forward as possible.

Obtaining an unsecured business loan doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect filled with ream after ream of paperwork. Thanks to a streamlined underwriting process and a trusted network of lenders, we can help you secure the funds your business needs.

Key Features Of Our Business Loans Include:
£1,000 to £250,000

With so many finance options out there, it can often be overwhelming trying to choose the right funding solution for your business’s needs. Our experienced finance team will work closely with you to identify the right product. From relatively small amounts through to more substantial sums of money, we’ll go out to the market to get the best deal possible whilst factoring in key considerations such as eligibility criteria, interest rates, amount required and the overall cost to borrow.

No Security Required

In the right circumstances, we’re able to offer unsecured loans up to £250,000. Unsecured business loans are an excellent funding option for companies who need the money quickly. The process is generally faster because lengthy procedures like stock valuations are avoided. Also, if you run a business that has a limited amount of tangible assets you’ll need a loan that requires no security.

Flexible Repayment Terms

With repayment options ranging from 6 months to 5 years, we can provide a flexible business loan to suit your exact needs. Whether you need your loan to be fixed and repaid over a set period of time or want something more flexible that can allow for overpayments and early repayment, we’ll work hard to make sure we provide the perfect finance solution.

Excellent Rates

Our talented team has built a strong network of lenders. Our relationships have been cultivated over many years. With no restrictive tie-ins we’re able to negotiate the best rates for our clients on a case-by-case basis. Orchard Business Finance will always ensure the interest rate is competitive and that your commercial products have realistic and affordable fees.

Funds In 24 Hours

We understand that some business deals need to be concluded quickly. Equally, in times of rapid growth, businesses need usable funding in place to help maintain momentum. Unsecured Business loans from Orchard Business Finance can often be in your bank account and available to draw within 24 hours of approval.

What Can You Use A Business Loan For?

A flexible loan from Orchard Business Finance can be used for a whole host of requirements. Our expertise and ability to seek out the very best business loan products has enabled us to help companies of all sizes, from a variety of sectors, across the UK. Many of the lenders we work with can also help firms with CCJs, defaults, poor accounts and even those pending insolvency procedures. Whatever your business objectives are, if additional funding is required our team would be delighted to help.

Key Uses For Our Business Loans Include:
Stock Purchases

A popular use for business loans is to support with purchasing stock. Additional stock might be required for a number of reasons and often needs to be purchased at short notice. We can help support you through the application and loan approval process to ensure the cash is available as quickly as possible.

Working Capital

Liquidity issues, cashflow problems and other working capital deficiencies can often lead to stressful and financially restrictive times. Sometimes a business loan can help ease the short-term pressures to allow your business to flourish again long-term. Talk to our team today if you need a business loan to benefit your working capital.

Tax Bills

If a tax bill needs to be paid you’ll have to make it a priority. To avoid expensive penalties speed is often of the essence, just like a working capital business loan. We’re here to help make sure you get the right funding to pay the tax bill without negatively impacting the future stability of your business.

Business Expansion

Larger premises, new equipment, more people; all these things and many more require cash. Funding expansion is something most businesses have to deal with at some point. The team here at Orchard Business Finance is highly experienced at helping firms grow and achieve their goals. We’ll tailor a finance solution to suit your specific needs.

Whether you have a small business or run a large multinational corporation, the team here at Orchard Business Finance will search out the right business loan for your exact requirements. Operating nationally across the UK, you can contact us today for an exploratory conversation on Orchard finance .

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