Revolving Finance

Flexible Finance Options For Your Business

Revolving finance comes in several formats and is ideal if you need to borrow funds and repay them in a flexible way. By entering into a revolving finance arrangement you’ll be able to draw funds, repay the funds and then withdraw them again, as often as you like.

These facilities are arranged according to your business’s own circumstances. They come with varying lengths of agreement and different credit limits. Orchard Business Finance is experienced in helping businesses to choose the correct revolving finance facility. We’ve helped firms from a multitude of sectors across the UK.

Key Features Of Our Revolving Finance Options Include:
£500 to £500,000

Every business is different and a major benefit of revolving finance is how all-inclusive it is. From small amounts, through to much larger sums of money, arrangements can often be agreed to help provide businesses with a flexible funding solution. Depending on your business’s exact needs, our team can advise on the most suitable products and guide you, step-by-step, through the arrangement process.

Revolving Credit And Business Overdraft Facilities

Two of the most popular forms of revolving finance are revolving credit and business overdrafts. Working in very similar ways, they both provide a company with pre-approved funds to be used and repaid as and when required. Revolving credit and business overdrafts are an excellent option for companies that would benefit from being able to dip in and out of a credit agreement. To assist with a short-term cashflow issues, for example, revolving finance might be a better option than a fixed term loan.

Business Credit Cards

Another popular and dynamic form of revolving finance is a business credit card. With a business credit card you’ll be able to manage cashflow, monitor expenses and stagger payments for unexpected debts, amongst a variety of other things. One of the benefits of business credit cards is the ability to have multiple cards; useful if you have staff in several locations that need to spend company money.

Competitive Rates And Quick Set-Up

Thanks to our good relationships with a trustworthy network of lenders, Orchard Business Finance are able to source the best interest rates and the most competitive fee agreements in the market. The lenders we work with also understand the importance of acting fast. Often, you’ll be able to use funds within 48 hours of your revolving finance agreement being approved.

What Can You Use Revolving Finance For?

Revolving finance and all revolving credit facilities have many uses. They are usually better options when used for short-term lending. Our expertise and ability to seek out the very best revolving finance products has enabled us to help companies of all sizes, from a variety of sectors, across the UK. Lenders include banks and independent revolving credit firms. If you’re unsure whether your business would be considered for a revolving finance facility, the Orchard Business Finance team would be happy to have a confidential chat with you.

Key Uses For Revolving Finance Solutions Include:
Stock Purchases

A popular use for revolving finance is to support with purchasing stock. Additional stock might be required to satisfy large orders or to get better deals for bulk ordering. It often needs to be purchased at short notice. We can help support you through the application and approval process to ensure the credit facility is available as quickly as possible.

Reduce The Need For Supplier Payment Terms

If you’re able to make bulk purchases upfront, you’ll often be able to negotiate better discounts with your suppliers. A pre-agreed revolving finance function can provide you with the quick financial support you need to get a deal done quickly, without having to go through an arduous loan application process.

Working Capital

Liquidity issues, cashflow problems and other working capital deficiencies can often lead to stressful and financially restrictive times. Revolving finance can help ease the short-term pressures by allowing you to dip into additional funds and repay them as you go. Talk to our team today to find out how revolving finance can add benefit to your working capital.

Whether you have a small business or run a large multinational corporation, the team here at Orchard Business Finance will search out the right revolving finance arrangements for your exact needs. Operating nationally across the UK, you can contact us today for an exploratory conversation on Orchard finance .

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