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Export Finance To Support International Business

Export finance is a popular form of trade finance. It has many benefits when providing goods or services outside of the UK. When a company decides to export goods and do business abroad they face a lot of new challenges. Orchard Business Finance is experienced in supporting firms, trading overseas, by helping to provide them with tailored export finance solutions.

A major issue with exporting goods can be the longer credit terms typically associated. With goods travelling further, firms that perform overseas business often find their cash is tied up for longer than if they were providing a similar service in the UK. To avoid a negative impact on cashflow, export finance can often be the perfect option.

Key Features Of Our Export Finance Packages Include:
Upfront Funding And The Best Rates

Sometimes you’ll need pre-shipment funding or an export loan so that you carry out key business tasks including the procurement of raw materials, the manufacturing process and packing the goods, amongst a variety of other things. Orchard Business Finance has an excellent network of lenders who can assist with upfront export funding options. We’ll always work towards helping you achieve highly competitive interest rates and fees.

100% Funding Available

Working with an expert selection of specialist export finance lenders, we’re often able to secure our clients high percentage or full funding arrangements. If you have proof of funds, letters of credit or other guarantees that your customer abroad will be able to successfully pay, we can help you secure post-shipment funding and export loans.

Facility Arranged Quickly

Our team understands that some export funding facilities need to be arranged quickly. With potential impact on cashflow and, in some cases, even the ability to produce the products you have promised to supply, speed is often of the essence. We’ll work hard to make sure your facility is set up fast. Thanks to our strong lender relationships we can often get export finance facilities up and running within 5 working days.

What Can Export Finance Be Used For?

There are many uses for export finance and it depends on the exact nature of your overseas business as to which products and services will be of most benefit. Fortunately, the Orchard Business Finance team has great expertise within the export finance market. We can provide you detailed guidance based on your specific funding requirements.

Key Uses For Export Finance Include:
Improvements To Working Capital

Liquidity issues, cashflow problems and other working capital deficiencies can often lead to stressful and financially restrictive times. Often, when supplying overseas, higher shipping costs and longer repayment terms for your clients can result in working capital issues. Export finance through ourselves can help ease the short-term pressures to allow your business to maximise the benefits of trading abroad. Talk to our team today to find out how export finance will benefit your working capital.

Additional Flexibility For Customer Payment Terms

When you decide to offer your goods or services overseas you’ll have potentially global competition. You’ll need to make sure your terms of business are attractive enough for foreign clients to choose your company and not a competitor. By using an export finance facility you’ll have the ability to offer better agreements to customers, including potential deal-breakers, such as payment terms. Benefits like this could help to enhance your chances of winning more business.

Mitigate Exchange Rate Losses

If you’re planning to deal with a specific country, on a consistent basis, you can often benefit from using a lender who has a specialist knowledge of the region and its local currency. Funding can often be provided in the local currency which could help mitigate any exchange rate fluctuations. The team here at Orchard Business Finance can help identify the best option for your exact funding needs.

Whether you are just venturing into the world of export finance for the first time, or already have a facility in place and want to explore other options, the team here at Orchard Business Finance will search out the right export finance solutions for your exact requirements. Operating nationally across the UK, you can contact us today for an exploratory conversation on Orchard finance .

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