Merchant Cash Advance

Specialist Funding When You handle Card Transactions

If your business has a card terminal taking debit and credit card transactions, Orchard Business Finance can help you raise funds against future card payments. A method of finance growing in popularity, merchant cash advances provide a great alternative to traditional borrowing such as business loans and overdrafts.

In a nutshell, merchant cash advance is a flexible funding solution that gives you access to future income, right now. It allows you to raise finance against your card turnover, freeing up cash for a variety of purposes.

Key Features Of Our Merchant Cash Advances Include:
Funding Up To £300,000

With merchant clients including the likes of retailers, restaurants, pubs, hair salons, service providers and a wide range of others, the amount they turnover by card payment can vary. A great feature of merchant cash advances is that they are tailored to each business. Based on your average monthly card turnover, it’s a suitable finance solution that will avoid overburdening the business with long-term debt.

No Hidden Costs

The lenders we work with are some of the most trusted in the UK market and, here at Orchard Business Finance, we pride ourselves on delivering transparent financial advice. The merchant cash advances that we help to arrange have no hidden costs. You’ll repay the amount you borrow, plus an agreed fee. By agreeing to give a small percentage of all card receipts to the lender until the finance is paid off, you’ll receive the cash advance to aid a number of business needs.

Same Day Funding

We’ll work hard to make sure the set-up process is quick and straight forward. Also, if you choose merchant cash advances, you won’t need to waste any time changing your card equipment either. The lenders we work with can often give quick decisions. This means that following a successfully approved application, you’ll often have access to the funds on the same day.

What Can You Use Merchant Cash Advances For?

With payments taken at source, as a percentage of card revenue, merchant cash advances can often be a painless way to free up cash. Businesses can need urgent access to funds for a variety of reasons and merchant cash advances are a flexible tool.

Key Uses For Merchant Cash Advances Include:
Purchasing Stock And Equipment

A popular use for a merchant cash advance is to support with purchasing stock and buying new equipment. Additional stock might be required for a number of reasons and often needs to be purchased at short notice. Suppliers will often provide discounts if you’re able to buy upfront. New equipment can help improve your efficiency and can positively affect profit margins. We can help support you through the application and approval process to ensure your cash is available to draw as quickly as possible.

Business Expansion

Perhaps you need to free up cash to invest in larger premises, new equipment, or more staff? All of these things can have a positive impact on your growth plans and ultimately require cash. Funding expansion is something most businesses must deal with at some point. The team at Orchard Business Finance are highly experienced in helping firms grow to achieve their goals. We’ll tailor a merchant cash advance solution to suit your specific needs.

Working Capital

Liquidity issues, cashflow problems and other working capital deficiencies are, without question, one of the biggest headaches a business owner can face. Many of our clients have taken out a merchant cash advance to ease short-term financial pressures. This beneficial relief has then allowed them to concentrate fully on improving their business. Talk to our team today and they’ll advise, impartially, whether a merchant cash advance is the best way of supporting your working capital.

Tax Bills

If a tax bill needs to be paid there’s no choice but to make it a priority. To avoid expensive penalties speed is often of the essence. We’re here to help make sure you get the right funding to pay the tax bill without negatively impacting the future stability of your business. In some circumstances a merchant cash advance could be the best solution. To find out the best option to deal with your unexpected tax bill, contact a member of Orchard Business Finance today.

Whether you have a small business or run a much larger firm, the team here at Orchard Business Finance will search out the right merchant cash advance arrangements for your exact needs. Operating nationally across the UK, you can contact us today for an exploratory conversation on Orchard finance .

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