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Secure Short-Term Funding Through Orchard Business Finance

Bridging loans are rapidly becoming more and more popular. Sometimes short-term finance is needed to bridge the gap between a debt being due and credit being available. Property purchases can be a prime example. The team here at Orchard Business Finance are highly experienced with products offering short-term borrowing solutions.

Whether you’re in the middle of buying a property or need capital to be released quickly for an array of other reasons, our talented team understand that a fast turnaround can be crucial to your business. By working closely with our network of lenders we’ll help you to secure the bridging finance solutions required and at the best rates possible.

Key Features Of Our Bridging Loans Include:
£25,000 To £5,000,000

By working with a wide selection of lenders across the UK we’re able to provide bridging finance and short-term borrowing for a wide range of requirements. Whether you need tens of thousands or millions of pounds of funding we can advise the best financial products for your firm. We’ve helped businesses complete complex deals for many years and are committed to working with you to help achieve your business goals.

Up to 100% of Purchase Price

Used to greatest effect when purchasing something under market value, 100% bridging finance is a short-term loan where no cash deposit is required. With bridging loans available up to 100% of purchase price, Orchard Business Finance can offer flexible and tailored solutions for your business needs. How much will it cost? That depends on the specifics of how much you need and what type of security you have, amongst other things. Our team will happily offer their advice to help you make the right decision.

Competitive Rates and Rolled Up Interest

Bridging finance should only be used as a short-term lending solution. By comparing different lenders we can assist in achieving the best available rates for bridging loans. That said, to help minimise the impact of high interest rates and costly fees, you might choose to have them ‘rolled up’ and added on to a new mortgage. If you need advice and guidance on how best to deal with your specific requirements, call the team today and we can talk through your options.

Fast Turnaround

Bridging loans can often be incredibly time-critical. Fortunately, with Orchard Business Finance, you’re in safe hands. Our team works with a vast network of lending partners to move your bridging loan application through the process quickly and efficiently. Often funds can be drawable within 48 hours of approval.

Will My Business Be Accepted For A Bridging Loan?

Our team has helped many businesses obtain short-term funding for a variety of uses. You can secure bridging loans with land, property and, in some cases, business assets. Our specialist team will offer sound advice based on your exact circumstances. We also work with some specialist lenders who can help businesses with CCJs, defaults, poor accounts and those pending insolvency proceedings.

A Closed Bridge Loan Or An Open Bridge Loan?

Our expert team can talk to you in detail about the different bridging finance solutions available, however you may have heard the terms ‘closed bridge’ and ‘open bridge’ before. Essentially, the main difference is the flexibility of the repayment terms.

With a closed bridge application you will agree to repay the bridging loan by a set date. It would be a great solution for something like a property purchase where there is an agreed completion date. An open bridge application, on the other hand, will offer you the flexibility to fully repay the loan when you’re ready. This could work well for a project with no set completion date.

Key Uses For Bridging Finance Include:
Property Completions

Business expansion is one of the most common reasons for an owner to enquire about bridging finance solutions. It can be a good short-term solution to help bridge the gap between selling a property and buying a new one. It can also aide land purchases in a similar way. Another common use is for purchasing properties or land at auction where typically a mortgage would be needed very quickly to conclude the deal.

Meet Business Obligations

Short-term borrowing can be used to help meet a variety of business obligations. For example, if your company receives a tax demand and is unable to raise the funds in the required timescale, a bridging loan might be a suitable option. The purchase of stock and equipment could also potentially benefit from bridging finance. For advice as to whether a bridging loan is right for your circumstances, contact our team today.

Resolve An Emergency Situation

No matter how well run your business is, on occasion, something can come out of the blue that puts pressure on cashflow. It could be a costly, urgent, property repair, a large client going bust or a raft of other reasons. Sometimes a short-term bridging loan will be the perfect solution to helping your business through a time of emergency.

Whether you have a small business or run a large multinational corporation, the team here at Orchard Business Finance will search out the right bridging loan for your exact requirements. Operating nationally across the UK, you can contact us today for an exploratory conversation on Orchard finance .

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