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Sourcing Rural Finance with Orchard Business Finance

Rural Finance PurchasesDo you want to purchase farm equipment or machinery, but don’t have the capital to make it happen? Maybe you want to acquire additional buildings or farmland? You can benefit from talking to us about rural finance.

What is Rural Finance?

Rural finance refers to financial services utilised in rural areas and can be accessed by all rural dwellers, regardless of their income levels. It’s important to note that not all rural finance services are agricultural, and not all agricultural financial products are rural.

Rural finance encompasses a wide range of financial products, including the following:

  • Loans
  • Insurance
  • Funds Transfer and payment services
  • Insurance

How Can You Benefit from Rural Finance?

There are numerous advantages of agricultural finance and rural finance products. Here are some of them:

You’ll be able to purchase new inputs

Making bulk purchases of farm inputs such as seeds, pesticides, fertilisers, and irrigation water can be costly. Rural finance loans can make these purchases easier for you so that you can improve the productivity of your farm.

You can improve your farm permanently

If you are looking to make lasting improvements on your farm, such as sinking wells or doing land reclamation, but your budget is limited, rural finance can be of great help. If you try to execute such improvements without adequate financing, you risk spending more money than you can afford and putting your business at risk.

With rural finance for agricultural developments, you can create the perfect system in your farm geared towards improving the efficiency of your workers and the productivity of your land. With the ability to sink wells and do crop rotation effectively, you’ll not only manage to improve crop production and farm sustainability, but you’ll also increase the value of your land.

You can acquire additional land easily

If you want to acquire new farmland to add on to the amount of land you already own, then rural finance can help you cover the land costs you might incur.  However, keep in mind that purchasing land in cash may not be a good idea for a growing farm. Hence, financing is a better option.

Sourcing rural finance for livestock

Finance cushions you against crises

Agriculture can be a challenging and unpredictable business. It’s typically difficult to foretell what will happen to livestock or crops. You also have to deal with the challenge of competition and elusive customers. If you are into seasonal farming, you can only make money during certain periods of the year.

You can use a rural loan to cushion yourself when your farming business is facing challenges. Moreover, you can use the loan for operational costs and costs occasioned by damages.

You can market your products with a rural loan

If you are in the business of selling farm produce or livestock, you’ll need to invest in comprehensive marketing. This may require a lot of money for public relations, creating a web presence, funding targeted ad campaigns, among other marketing costs. If you are short of funds, you can use part of your rural financing to offset your marketing costs and enhance your visibility for your customers.

Regardless of your motivation, if you need a rural loan or financial service we’re here to help.

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