Farm Diversification

Examples of Farm Diversification

Diversification is the practice of branching out from traditional farming into other ways of generating income. It has helped many farmers weather the challenges faced in agriculture, and it’s become an increasingly attractive option for farm owners who wish to bring in extra income.

However, farm diversification is not an easy step to take. Before you start looking for farm diversification examples to try, you need to ensure you have a comprehensive plan that considers every possibility. Merely deciding to venture into diversification isn’t enough – you need to research the right ways in which farms can diversify and then execute a meticulously drawn strategy.

Here are three farm diversification examples to get you started.

Farm Diversification Egg Production

Free-Range Egg Production

Consumers and food markets are increasingly shunning caged birds, increasing the demand for free-range eggs. If you’re struggling with keeping other livestock, like sheep and cattle, and are looking for alternating farming ideas, consider trying free-range egg production. This may require a lot of capital to start, but the returns are usually impressive.

Leisure or Tourism

Another one of the farm diversification examples you can try is to convert a part of your farm to a recreational spot. Viable ideas include:

Setting up a riding schoolHose riding is a popular activity for both children and adults. If you live in an area with no such activities, you can consider converting a part of your farm to a riding school to generate money.

Clay pigeon shooting – This is an exciting sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. Having a clay pigeon shooting area in your farm can open up your farm to other activities such as hunting and game shooting.

Guided walks – There’s no better way to start diversification than by opening your farm to visitors. Offering guided walks in your farm is an excellent way to expand your revenue streams. 

Wedding Venue

The UK wedding market is a multibillion-pound industry and statistics show that only about 27 per cent of couples prefer a religious venue for their wedding ceremony—that makes alternative venues the most preferred option.

Farm Diversification - WeddingsFarm weddings are not only unique but also exciting and classy. Couples get the opportunity to choose a tastefully restored, converted barn or a historic farmhouse for their big day. In fact, the rustic charm of converted barns helps to create a genuinely romantic aura perfect for exchanging marriage vows.

So, if no profitable crops for small farms seem to work for you, you can simply convert your small farm into a wedding venue and reap the profits.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for profitable small farm ideas, you should take these three farm diversification examples into consideration. There’s no reason why a well-planned and properly executed farm diversification idea can’t generate profits. Before you diversify, however, you should be sure you’re venturing into something that excites you, and there’s a gap in the market that needs to be filled. If you don’t have the necessary capital, there are various financing products tailored for farm diversification projects.

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